Thing a Day Archive

Welcome to the Thing A Day Archive!  

Each day I post a Diary of sorts discussing what I have done that previous night for the Hobby.  I try to make at least four posts per week, and probably a wrap up post per weekend.  This page contains an archive of the Thing a Day posts in one place.

February 2011
February 1: Tuesday game Night
February 2: S.S.D.D.
February 3-5: Reinforcements and more!
February 7-11: Back in Action
February 14: Toy Time!
February 15-16: Game Day and Cleaning
February 17: Me Time = Painting time

January 2011
January 10-14: The idea and first week in review.
January 16: Devastator cleanup.
January 17: Paint it Black, Part I.
January 18: 2000 Point game.
January 19: Paint it Black, Part II.
January 20: METAL!
January 21: Completed METAL!
January 22-23: Weekend Edition DONE DEVS!
January 24: Crusader!
January 25: Grey Knight Game.
January 26: Organization Party!
January 27: Jump Packs, the Basecoat
January 28-30: Weekend Edition
January 31: Jump Packs Part Duex
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