Friday, February 11, 2011

Thing a Day: 2/7 - 2/11 Back in action!

Thing a Day:  2/7 - 2/11 Back in action!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, but I spent Monday through Wednesday out of town and the rest of this week catching up with work.  I will be getting back into the swing of things this weekend.

So here are the real updates after the jump.

Like I said, I was out of town in Georgia for three days handling family matters, I was on a Mission from God with my Father and Older Brother...Mission accomplished, by the way.

 I was laughed at by my old man and bro by bringing my little dudes to keep busy, but it sure beat sitting in a cold hotel room watching Calhoun GA TV..

I was able to slap together the remaining Assault squad in the hotel light in the place!  Not too shabby for being away from my real workspace, if you ask me.

On a gaming note, I went to a friend's house last Saturday and got two games in.  I was kindly invited to the home of my buddy, Mike Fursa and we played two 2000 point games in his garage.  Mike played his Chaos marines with the following list (educated guess...again, my memory caveat applies here):

  • Chaos Lord on Bike - Cursed model who usually bites it to meltaguns almost every game first chance he gets.  Never has a chance to do much but turbo boost and die...
  • Greater Deamon of Slanessh
  • Three Obliterators
  • ~6 Chaos Terminators
  • Plague marines
  • Plague marines in a rhino
  • One or two other meaty troops...I can't remember, some kind of marine, not as annoying as the Plagey-ones, and die to Baal fire pretty good.

The first game was my standard DoA 2000 point list, and I came away with three out of five objectives in the first game.  The second game however, was left to Mike and his dark gods.  I can chalk this one up to a new list I decided to play, all vehicles and Predator spam, like so:

  • 3 Baals, heavy bolters
  • 3 AC/Las Predators
  • 4 5man Assault squad in HF Razors
  • 2 HG with librarian in Rhinos

So in total...12 rhino/tank chasis all starting on the board.  Quite the parking lot for me, and a whole new world of love.  The Fast speed is a boon for sure, but I kept forgetting to cast my Shield of Sanguinius through the game until turn 3.  Moving flat out and having plenty of cover was a good thing and will take lots of practice.  I kept finding myself a little too unsure of movements and lost a few turns repositioning my tanks to get toward objectives.  A list that is a major change for sure.  Overall, it was a great experience playing at a friends house again, and taking the time to enjoy 2 full games.

Its kinda funny seeing Mike's greater Deamon beating on a Baal Predator for 3 turns and not killing it, then tearing open a rhino to get melta gunned to death.  And again, the dice gods reaaaly hate Mike as his biker deamon died turn two after Meltaguns Deepstruck up his nose.  Cest La Vie.  Thats what you get for rocking out for the Chaos gods.

This of course, has my wheels churning about home tables and terrain.  But first, got to get them Jump packs and Marines done, let alone the reinforcements I just got in!

Thanks for reading, expect me to be on track in the coming week.



  1. Who cares about 40k!! What do you think of the new O&G stuff!?!

  2. The book is on preorder. We will see....


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