Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Changes: For Good and For Awesome!!

Blog Changes:  For Good and For Awesome!!

So, I've been pretty good about keeping up with my Thing A Day, If I may say so, and in my local group we've been talking about things we can do to expand our play and include narrative campaigns and other avenues for game play outside of the same old book missions.  That of course, started my wheels-a-turning.  To that end, I've been talking to my frequent opponent and friend, MikeF about campaign ideas and expanding our games, and tossing out the idea to join the blog.

If you've been looking at my battle reps from the Tuesday Night Fights, you'll notice our Orlando Fl local FLGS has three Mikes: Me, MikeF, and MikeB frequenting on Tuesdays, so I figured we can make it more confusing and add another Mike Blogger.

Luckily he will be posting with his alter ego.  Please welcome:

Lord Castillo!

Additionally, I've been trying to get my old Austin Buddy, Sean to collaborate and post on the blog.  Right now he's working on his Fantasy so hopefully he can expand into the Skaven and High Elf territory, bringing more Fantasy gaming to the blog outside of my rare OnG comments (Soon to be more when I get my hands on my new Army Book!).  Please welcome:


These are not exactly representational of  Lord C and Wynforth, but its kinda close
As far as the Blog and gaming plans, here are some local ideas we want to try and get together:

  • Planetary Empires 
  • Narrative campaigns including experience and campaign specific forces. (Check out this blog I stumbled upon...still digging, good stuff though!)
  • Perhaps stuff out of the IA books, like Badab War etc.  Anyone try that out yet?  
  • Planetstrike/Spearhead - GW style expansions   
  • Larger team games, 4000 points plus (not really Apocalypse until we get super heavies involved)
  • Combat Patrol games

Now we all love our Local FLGS, but a lot of times we can use a home table on the weekends and get a full day of gaming in, and not worry about our Tuesday deadline of 9PM, or crowded tables on Saturdays.  So to that end we are also talking about terrain and home boards for some of these campaign things.

For any of you who have experience in narrative 40k Campaigning or homegrown terrain plans, feel free to comment on!

So...with adding bloggers and plans for adding content, I hope to increase the quality and quantity of posts on the blog and open up a few more avenues for feedback and commentary.

Eventually I want to run a few "Give back to the community" contests and start adding more tutorials, and even collaborate with other bloggers and groups.  Thanks again to all the readers (I know you're out there, Stat Counter doesn't lie!), and especially to our followers.  Hopefully we can serve up more Good and Awesome Content for you!


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