Monday, January 31, 2011

Thing a day: Weekend Edition 1/28 - 1/30

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Dawn of War II
Thing a day:  Weekend Edition 1/28 - 1/30

This weekend saw me spending lots of family time, and not much space for the hobby.  Not bad though as I did get  something done anyway.

I have been wondering what to do with my Jump Packs to give them the used/in use look and in Googling may ideas, I decided on a Jump Pack glow effect.  Eggroll on Dakka has a perfect glow on his army,  that finally made me take the leap.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thing a Day 1/27 JumpPacks, the Basecoat...

Thing a Day, Thursday January 27, 2011

Digging into the 40 ASM Jump Packs, I busted out the airbrush and laid down my base colors.  With my deep Red Gore-esqe base mix, and my Blood Red highlight coat, I was able to produce the following:

Steps one and two, base dark red and highlight Blood Red.

Final Step, Highlights.  This of course, is only done on the top facing surfaces. I really want to take my highlighting serious on these, which is kind of why I waited until I painted all of my foot troops first.  The JP ASM might be slower to paint then my Tacs and Devs were, but I hope to improve now that I have had 104 models of practice.

Basecoated and finished for now.
Tomorrow night, I plan to line and paint my Blue-Black on the other half.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thing a Day 1/26 Organization party!

Thing a Day Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organization party!  So tonight I sat down to begin the next leg of my painting journey, my Jump Pack Marines.  All told I have 4 units of 10 ASM to paint up, and since I use them on my Tuesday games, I will start by slapping together my Jump packs and getting them painted up first, then as I paint them 10 at a time, I can complete them with base and Jump pack for use in my games.

So to setup 40 jump packs and get them ready to paint, it's time to clean and organize.  Oh yeah, Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tutorial: Razorback Flamer Turrets

Tutorial:  Twin Linked Heavy Flamer 
Razor Back Turrets.

As many Blood Angles players have had to do, Scratch building Heavy Flamer turrets is a fun and challenging prospect, read:  Crappy.  My best ideas that won't break the bank, revolved around the Flamestorm cannon.  There are plenty of alternatives out there, the Imperial Guard Sentinel Heavy Flamer, creating a scratchbuilt flamer, plastic tube and plasticard based, or re-purposing the Baal Predator sponsons.  Read on to see my solution.

Thing a Day 1/25 Grey Knight Game

Thing a Day, Tuesday January 25, 2011

Game night!  This was January's third Tuesday Fignt night.  A huge storm came down on central Florida, so we got a late start but managed to work a game to the fifth turn and the game was basically over anyway.

This night I was helping a new player get a practice game in.  This is the reason I slapped the LRC together last night, one of the possible lists had it.  Our new player is Freddy, and he will be starting a Deamonhunters army with the new codex drop, so we took a thousand points out of the old codex to practice with.  The match was Capture and Control/Spearhead.  Keep reading for the game synopsis from my horrible memory.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thing a Day 1/24 CRUSADER!

Thing a Day, Monday January 24, 2011

This is a quickie as I only did one thing.  That is..MAKE A F-ING TANK!.

I assembled the Crusader I acquired at the end of the year (yay sales!).  I planned to wait a bit, but a new player at our shop was wanting to learn how to play and will be doing a Grey Knights army when the new codex drops, so we are working a few practice games and one of his lists called for a LRC, so I decided to whip it together real fast so that we can use it in a few games.

Also, its part of a BA list I want to try out.  Something akin to Jawaballs Mechanicon army Land raider unit.  I will probably try to make his LRC Rock portion and remove some of the mech and add hybrid elements in DoA/StormRaven love.

So on with the pics...

Process pic.  
I only ever put one together for a friend years ago, but the kit is not bad.  I had no real issues at all.  I, of course, magnetized the hatch options and magnetized the "extras" hatch for my HKM, Searchlights, etc...

Here is the completed pic, including all of the magnetized options.  I would never use it as a Redeemer, but just in case I did magnetize the bolters.   I used the redeemer sponsons for my Flame turrets, (as discussed in this weekends post) so I would need to bit order them again.  Don't see that happening, honestly.

So there you go.  Not bad for a few hours work.  Thanks for reading!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Thing a Day, Weekend edition 1/22-23

Thing a Day, Weekend Edition 

As you may have guessed from my pic, All the devs are done.  All 26 are finished, based and good to go.  A bonus 7 Meltaguns too.  Check out the pics!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thing a Day 1/21 COMPLETED METAL!

Thing a Day, Friday January 21, 2011

There is light at the end of the tunnel!  Oner more sitting and the Devs are DONE Man!  I don't want to see a heavy weapon again for a long while...

Heres the Update:

90% completed devs, and bonus 7 Meltaguns ready for the last pass.

  • Painted the remaining metal, Aquilas, weapons, and hoses.
  • Painted 7 meltaguns

Next time, I will line the black, base them, and fix all touch ups.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thing a Day 1/20 METAL!

Thing a Day, Thursday January 20, 2011

Today I got bizzay with the brush and started on my METAL!  Did my red armor shading and tweaked out a few Heavy Weapons.

Check out the pics!

All of the marines finished armor reds and the finished 8 Heavy weapon marines

Closeups of the finished metal, still lacking the black highlight and touch ups to be done last.  The last shot of the ML marines shows the shading a quick ink and wash can do.  I ink with more of a Magenta color, and I feel its deep enough that a highlight won't be needed

  • Touched up all my reds.
  • Shaded all red armor with inks and washes.
  • All metal tubes Imperial Eagles, armor joints, and bolts are now METAL! 
  • Began painting all my Weapons.  
  • -All Heavy Bolters
  • -All Plasma Cannons *Plasma Cannon coils are to be done with airbrush last.

For tomorrow I hope to whip up the last run of metal for all the Devs, giving one more sitting for trimming out my black armor With Codex Grey and basing these bad boys.  By next week All my Devastators shall be ready to lay waste to all those who defy the EMPEROR AND SANGUNIUS!...ahem...

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thing a Day 1/19 Paint it Black, Part 2. THE REMIX

Thing a Day, Wednesday January 19, 2011

So today I got a lot done!  WOO!  I was able to finish my second half of "blacking" for my missile Devs, and I did the blue helmets completely on all of them as well.  With the two converts from the Tac squads, I repainted their helmet halves and got them tidied up.  Check out the update pics below!

Three shots spanning all of the devs fully blue-d and blacked out.

  • Painted the half blacks for the remaining heavy weapons.
  • Painted black 7 Meltaguns (not pictured).
  • Painted all helmet halves blue, highlighted and shaded.  100% DONE.
  • Painted all purity seals, highlighted, shaded, script, and seal wax in green tones.
  • Painted all Eyes and Lenses green with highlights and shade.

Some closer examples of each heavy weapon and the two transplant Missile marines from the Tac squads.
If anyone is curious as to the colors I use, feel free to comment or ping me.  I will be happy to pass it along.  Tomorrow I will hopefully line, highlight and shade all the armor, red and black.  Lastly the weapons will finish it out.  hopefully they will be done by next week?  Wishful thinking?  Stay tuned to find out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thing a Day 1/18 - 2000 Point game

Thing a Day, Tuesday January 18, 2011

Today I played my first 2000 point game against a Slanneshi Army bent on defiling the glorious forces of the emperor.  Well, the Angels of Death swept down on wings of flame, crying havoc and bringing death for the Emperor and Sangunius!

So yeah, the Emperor was with us as the cursed chaos bent to the power of righteously cursed dice.   By turn 4, there were still two chaos units in reserve.  The game was Spearhead Capture and control.  At the close of turn 4 there were two controlled Angels objectives, and the other two were in contest.  

These things were a big help:
  • All my reserves came in on turn 2
  • Great rolls all around for the blessed Angles of the Emperor, horrible rolls for my opponent.  This game was all about dice.
  • Charging with more then one unit is a must.  I may be getting some kind of hang of this DoA stuff...Maybe...
  • Overlapping Priests, I am getting better.
  • Wishing for not killing a enemy unit all on my assault phase, worked out twice in my favor

  • Havoc launchers.
  • Blast Masters. 
  • AP 2 and 3 suck.
Overall, not a bad game.  Second against chaos.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thing a Day 1/17 Paint it Black, Part 1.

 Thing-a-day Monday, January 2011

Painting it black.  Part 1.  In this episode, our hero took to the black inky depths to base coat all his metals and weapons in black.  Chaos black to be precise.

After the decals and armor colors are laid down, I lay down base colors.  First I hit all black and metal areas in chaos black, and then I will then hit all the lighter white/blue areas with Adeptus battlegrey Foundation paint.    I stick to a thicker black paint then I normally use to apply a good thick foundation for colors and to leave a good thick coat.  Normally I would thin it a lot more, but for this application it's thicker.  I wish there was a readily available heavy pigment foundation-like black...

Check it:

This is Part 1, as I only finished half of my devs tonight.

  • Painted all dark areas black, for 1/2 of my devs.  Part 2, my 12 Missile Launchers, coming hopefully Wednesday night.
  • Also played Mr. Mom as the better half worked her late shift for the month and Cooked Tacos and Helped my 6.5yr old bake a cake!
Tomorrow is Game night at my FLGS, so I will be not painting tomorrow night and instead doing a quick recap linked to our local forums. I know you must be waiting with baited breath!  Stay tuned!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thing a Day 1/16

Sunday, January 16 2011

Today's thing a Day was a bit of cleanup.  I edged and cleaned up my Devastator knee icons and shoulder chapter badges with my Armor red and Armor black.

As I used white decal paper to ensure my white is bright and crisp, I need to always trim up the edges of my decals.  Not only does it clean up the color I feel it gives a clean and easier blend from the icon colors to the armor color.  Then once I edge and ink my flat areas, it also blends into the badges.
Examples of the edging.  Hopefully you can see a marked difference from Friday's post and image. (click for a better look)

My cleanup red is a easy two-stepper.  Quick edge in The Foundation Color, Mechrite Red, and a dab of Blood Red on a second coat as needed.  My black armor is actually a 3:1 ratio of Chaos Black and Regal blue.  I learned a long time ago in some blog or art class, don't remember which came first, never use straight black as a final color.  At the least add blue, it adds a depth to your black, and looks waaaay cooler.

For my whole black models such as Death Company and my Chaplins, I plan to do more blue into the mix, and rip off Roman's awesome'll see soon.

Thanks for watching!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's update of heavy support POWAH!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thing a Day Idea 1/10-1/14

I am working on a new feature for the blog, It's my Thing a Day. (not to be confused with the equally awesome, thing-a-week) I have shamelessly stole this idea from my better half, and her blog GingerGoddess.  She is doing a 365 pics for 365 days. So I will be doing an update each night I do something Hobby related.  So each update will be like a hobby diary and contain a pic or three to show my progress that day.  Now, I might not have a entry each day, but my goal is to at least do four out of five days a week (not so much on weekends, unless I get lucky to have time), and if theres a reason I don't update, I'll make sure its a good one.   For this first week, I will roll it all into this one post, and from now on I will keep it one post a day on the blog.  I will later put each week on the thing-a-day page for archiving.  Sounds awesome right?  I thought so, Read on!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011, Now get to work...

Howdy folks, No I'm not dead, just enjoying the holidays and my time off.  I try not to post more then 2 weeks apart, but this one is still a viable update, even if late.

So what have I been doing?  Organizing and painting, one I do well and the other..meh.  It depends on the day, which is which.

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