Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thing a Day 1/18 - 2000 Point game

Thing a Day, Tuesday January 18, 2011

Today I played my first 2000 point game against a Slanneshi Army bent on defiling the glorious forces of the emperor.  Well, the Angels of Death swept down on wings of flame, crying havoc and bringing death for the Emperor and Sangunius!

So yeah, the Emperor was with us as the cursed chaos bent to the power of righteously cursed dice.   By turn 4, there were still two chaos units in reserve.  The game was Spearhead Capture and control.  At the close of turn 4 there were two controlled Angels objectives, and the other two were in contest.  

These things were a big help:
  • All my reserves came in on turn 2
  • Great rolls all around for the blessed Angles of the Emperor, horrible rolls for my opponent.  This game was all about dice.
  • Charging with more then one unit is a must.  I may be getting some kind of hang of this DoA stuff...Maybe...
  • Overlapping Priests, I am getting better.
  • Wishing for not killing a enemy unit all on my assault phase, worked out twice in my favor

  • Havoc launchers.
  • Blast Masters. 
  • AP 2 and 3 suck.
Overall, not a bad game.  Second against chaos.  Thanks for reading!

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