Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steady as she goes. My hold'a-ma-jiggers

Tactical Squad Eremiel,
ready for the battlefield.
Ok, 1/4 of my troops done!  My third tactical squad, Eremiel, is now done.  So that makes all my legal and good to go Tac squads painted, based, and sealed  I will begin working on my first (non-JP) assault squad, Uriel this week.

So, as far as my painting progress, steady as she goes...But what about all the new little thingies to start painting, arms, Jet Packs, heads?

My next set of marines are about to begin, but I need to work out a few magnetizing and painting station solutions.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Organizing and Documenting the Army

 Woah! That's a lot of nuts!  Thats how I felt looking at my pile of Marines, as I attempted to work on organizing, cleaning, and figure out what I got, and what I want.  Here are my findings and my work on mastering my mess.

So, I've missed a few posts last week and this Monday, but In my defense I've been quite busy.  I am halfway done with the Last Tactical Squad, Squad Erimiel.  I should hopefully finish that by this weekend, and begin on my Assault Squads.  So, on with this post!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drunk with power? Angel Sanguine Icons and Greenstuff Plans.

It's funny how just a little success makes you go "Ok cool, I can walk, now let's run a marathon."  I've been busy.  I finished Tac Squad Saleos early last week, and begin working on getting my third and Final Tac ready for paint.  I have also been able to scrounge together enough bits for a 10 Man Vanguard Vet Squad and a 5 Man Stearnguard squad. I've began focusing on "Blinging" out my boys.  I am using some of the new BA DC shoulderpads, and realized Greenstuff is going to be handy...

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