Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Organizing and Documenting the Army

 Woah! That's a lot of nuts!  Thats how I felt looking at my pile of Marines, as I attempted to work on organizing, cleaning, and figure out what I got, and what I want.  Here are my findings and my work on mastering my mess.

So, I've missed a few posts last week and this Monday, but In my defense I've been quite busy.  I am halfway done with the Last Tactical Squad, Squad Erimiel.  I should hopefully finish that by this weekend, and begin on my Assault Squads.  So, on with this post!

Like I mentioned in the intro, I took stock of my marines and began to organize and cleanup my piles.  Each unit is now with its own bases, in cute little Tupperware - or in my case cheap Glad throw away storage plastic containers -  or plastic packing trays (thanks GW) with masking tape and sharpie labels.  I am pretty proud of myself and figured it was time to get it all written down.

Taking a tip (i.e. stealing) from a fellow FTW blogger, Mordian 7th I decided to take the common IG route of organizing and charting out my army and my painting progress.  Here is my result:
My current Angels Sanguine Chart (click for a bigger view)
With the list above (click for a readable view) I am now able to chart out and see what I have yet to do, and what I have done.  You may notice the two tiny green squads as the only ones DONE.  Yeah.  Scary huh?  but again, this exercise helps me see what I got going on, and what I want to have when it's said and done.  It's pretty bolstering, and I am happy with it, even if it is a mountain of plastic and pewter. 

You may notice the different names for my special of my rewards for painting my units is that I am going to attempt to create two Model conversions from scratch.  I plan to make a Mephiston - Ashok, Chief Librarian, and a Dante-Sentikan chapter master.  I may also attempt to convert my old Termie-librarian into a Termi-Sangpriest.  

I plan to do the same with my Eldar and OnG.  I am really hoping to finish my A.S to a decent point before the new OnG army book comes out, and yes...I am waiting for the GK releases to see if a new Stormraven or Dreadnought model comes out.  Fingers crossed.  I need to start squirreling away my lunch money for first quarter next year.

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  1. psshhh i've decided 40k is for lazy painters. get back to me when you do this list for your Orcs or when I make one for my Skaven. :P

  2. Do I smell a challenge? I'll do the OnG next, as it will probably change with the new book, I'm pretty pumped. I will need a break from red, to green!

  3. eh not really, just noting that unless you are playing IG or Nid you aren't going to come close to model counts for most fantasy armies, especially now with 8th edition a lot of people are playing 2500pt, and 2999pt games now.

    just finished making one of these up for my skaven....there is a LOT of white :P particularly on the slave blocks...although I think I, eventually, want as many slaves as you want Blood Angels...150 slaves, how many models of BA are you planning? (don't feel like counting up the sheet and I imagine you have already)
    uploaded to rapidshare if you want to check it out

  4. For my BA, the above list will be everything, as I plan it. the only white spots I have is dreads, Stormravens, Predators, Ravenwing boxes and a few troop models here and there. All of my units above are marked per squad. For 40k its easier, but for Fantasy I would group them by Tray/Unit, like you mention in your chart.

    I will work on my OnG this week once I organize my models and see what I got. Again, I still want to use unit fillers in most of my bigger units, and now moreso with double the NG goodness for 8th I'd recon.


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