Monday, December 6, 2010

Orcs! orcs! Orcs! orcs!...

The news is in, extry extry! read all about it!  Open up my email this morning, and official news fo the new 8th edition OnG in march!  WAAAGH!!!  time to put my Angels in high gear to be ready to go Green in March and get my Waaaaaagh updated and ready.

Here is the link to the article, -you will need to log into GW first:

For me, these guys will definitely see some more use in the 8th Army Book!
And here is my current composition of the SkarToof Waaaagh!  (click for a better view)

I am a fan of the use of Unit fillers, plus I am looking forward to the rumored new box of Boys...and the mega Spider Goblin Monstrous Creature!

For the Horde!!....Erm..I mean....WAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!


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