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MikeD's Armies: 40K Angels Sanguine, Eldar and Fantasy OnG. 

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My name Michael Cardona, not Michael Diamond.  I am an almost 30, Software consultant living in Orlando Florida.  I grew up as a navy brat living in Virginia and FL, but ended up in O-town for most of my life.  I graduated college, Full Sail back in 2003.  I ended up in Austin Texas a year or two later working for a Game Publisher and developer, Aspyr Media and spent about five years there.  Just back to Orlando at the end of 2009, I have bought my first house and settled into a new career in Software development as a Consultant at a large IT company called CIBER Inc with my Fiancé (she has her own blog on her crafty stuff and rants...) and her two boys, aged two, and six.

...And thats the boring real-world stuff.  I have been playing and painting minis since I was an early teenager and my first mini was for a DnD game.  I painted up my Dwarf rogue character while playing DnD 3rd, and kinda liked the artistic aspect of it.  After that I got lucky when my dad's company at the time  (they were a magic shop and gag bunnies and wands, not mana pools and casting costs) got a pitch marketing shipment form games workshop to carry their product line.  A mix of fantasy skeletons, a Leman russ, and a 10 man Marine Tac Squad.  At the time no one wanted it so I ended up with them.  Knowing nothing about the game I painted them up as shown on the box, and I ended up with a Ultramarines Leman Russ and 10 Smurf marines.

Later on in high school, I ended up in the local comic store,  and slowly learned more about it.  And here I was...with a blue Leman Russ...  Since then, my main armies in 40K were Eldar and Blood Angels.  I got into fantasy in my third year in Austin, as my co-workers wanted to start fantasy and never played tabletop.  I ended up with the Battle for Skull Pass gobbos out of two sets, and began a mighty WAAGH!

Right now my focus is on my Angels Sanguine.  Eventually I want to get to my Eldar again.  I am a hobbyist first and competitor second as far as the painting and modelling goes, but I do want to get into the local gaming and tourney scene.  No allusions to going to Vegas though, thats for sure.

AmateurDorn's Army: The Honorable Imperial Fists 

Hey.  My real name is Matt, currently located in southern Maryland, USA, not far from Washington D.C.  I'm 30, recently back in school to attempt a big career change, and just about a year into my exploration into miniatures and tabletop gaming.  I have a lot more experience painting than I do playing, but try to get small games in here and there, mostly with TauChi.  When not making up my own rules on the battlefield, I can usually be found painting with my girlfriend, who is working on a Night Goblin horde.  I'm also an a huge fanboy of official 40k fluff and fanfic as well, and have read an obscene number of space marine novels.

I love all things Imperial Fists (and space marines in general).  If I someday have a child, he or she will be named Vladimir Pugh, society be damned.  If you find you have a similar addiction, let me be your support group.  I'm really happy to be able to contribute my thoughts and opinions to this blog and it's readers, and as I explore 40k, I hope to be able to give you ideas, painting tips, motivation for newer players, and maybe a fresh perspective for some of you combat veterans.  

TauChi's Army:The Tau Empire

Greetings!  Me llamo Mateo.  I am three decades old and live in the great borough of Brooklyn.  I’m a freelance assistant cameraman and love to fill the gaps between jobs painting and playing my budding Tau army.  My good friend and contributor to this blog, AmateurDorn, gave me my first taste of 40k and got me hooked!  I was very hesitant at first because I’ve never really touched paint since I was in kindergarten.  But low and behold I’m having a grand time slopping the pigment around! 

I love the Tau.  I love their crazy socialist caste system, the way they fight and of course their ugly wittle heads.  I really want to complete an army of them whippersnappers.  This blog is a bodacious way to keep me motivated but more importantly it is a classroom for me to learn.  Please enjoy our posts here but don’t hesitate to throw some knowledge at us.  It will serve the greater good!

Lord Castillo
40K Armies: Chaos, Eldar, Crimson Fists, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle
     Greetings, my name is Michael Fursa. I reside in Orlando, FL and have lived here for 12 years. I currently work for SEARS in the home delivery logistics department. In addition to the day job my wife and I have our own web based business with AMWAY.

     A little history and background about myself.  I originally hail from the great state of Massachussetts, from a small town called Pepperell. When I was 11 or 12 a close friend of mine introduced me to the fantastic world of D&D. By this time I already had a background in modeling, I loved to put airplanes together. D&D expanded my horizons in gaming because it was not your typical game like Clue, Monopoly or chess and checkers. It was more complex requiring the ability to use your imagination, read and do math. I won't lie but at age 11 or 12  I had plenty of imagination but reading and math were not exactly something I considered to be fun. I was way too cool for that, but of course D&D cleverly disguised those aspects and made them tolerable, if not enjoyable. There is nothing like going into a battle and having to calculate your chance of survival. Well 12 years old quickly becomes 18 and I graduated and joined the military. I get stationed aboard a aircraft carrier in Norfolk,VA. It's kind of cool  how I used to model some of the very planes in my youth and then I get to see them in action in real life. I do my 4 years, get out and move to Orlando, FL. In '99 I was introduced to Warhammer 40K

     I love Warhammer 40K ! I love every aspect of the game from the painting and modeling, to the strategies and tactics, to the novels and background fluff. 40K to me has it all, the complete package and it gets better and better. Some of the friends that I have that I hold dear I met because of 40K. This is not just another game, it is a community of people that share a similar passion for the hobby. They are artists, strategists, collectors, tale weavers, modelers but above all else they are enthusiasts of the 40K universe. With everything that has been said I am glad that I have the opportunity thanks to MikeD and the 3Bteam to share with you a kindred spirit and fellow gamer my 40K universe.

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