Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thing a Day 1/17 Paint it Black, Part 1.

 Thing-a-day Monday, January 2011

Painting it black.  Part 1.  In this episode, our hero took to the black inky depths to base coat all his metals and weapons in black.  Chaos black to be precise.

After the decals and armor colors are laid down, I lay down base colors.  First I hit all black and metal areas in chaos black, and then I will then hit all the lighter white/blue areas with Adeptus battlegrey Foundation paint.    I stick to a thicker black paint then I normally use to apply a good thick foundation for colors and to leave a good thick coat.  Normally I would thin it a lot more, but for this application it's thicker.  I wish there was a readily available heavy pigment foundation-like black...

Check it:

This is Part 1, as I only finished half of my devs tonight.

  • Painted all dark areas black, for 1/2 of my devs.  Part 2, my 12 Missile Launchers, coming hopefully Wednesday night.
  • Also played Mr. Mom as the better half worked her late shift for the month and Cooked Tacos and Helped my 6.5yr old bake a cake!
Tomorrow is Game night at my FLGS, so I will be not painting tomorrow night and instead doing a quick recap linked to our local forums. I know you must be waiting with baited breath!  Stay tuned!

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