Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011, Now get to work...

Howdy folks, No I'm not dead, just enjoying the holidays and my time off.  I try not to post more then 2 weeks apart, but this one is still a viable update, even if late.

So what have I been doing?  Organizing and painting, one I do well and the other..meh.  It depends on the day, which is which.

For x-mas I got some play money and I was able to buy a second display cabinet and lighting.  Now, in a house, having plastic storage bins don't look too "furniture-y" and nice, so I have been using the Ikea Detolf  cabinets.  I have 2, all lit within on each shelf and I think it looks pretty good...

2 Detolfs, 2 Grundtal sets, and 2 Lack bookcase lights later you are all set and all lit.  
I also have been able to organize and cleanup my Angels Sanguine plastics and gotten foam trays to pack up my Transports and Predators for going to the shop.

I use a Sabol case I bought years ago and Ialso purchased a rolling Ez Crate Cart, that luckily has the same inside dimensions inside as my Sabol Motor Pool.  It's not fully sealed but for quick trips to the shop it might work out well, and on top of that, it does have wheels.  Pile my books and troops in the Sabol, pop it on top of the roiling cart, and I am one professional Gaming Nerd!

In the painting department, I have finished my Devastator "Fill Marines" and seargents for my three squads, total of 18 marines in the span of time I usually do 10.  Assembly line HO!

These guys will be the last bolter marines I ever have to paint for this army, and hopefully for a looooong time, period.  They are remnants of my last AoBR marines and even one old 3rd edition Starter kit marine - the one that had Dark Eldar and Marines.  Pretty much the last line of barely standing plastics to fill in the Devs to full 10 man strong units x 3.

Over the New Year weekend I did pick up a Land Raider Crusader at the FLGS  end of year sale.  My next painting plans will probably be the heavy Weapon Dev marines, 8 ML, 4 LC, 4 PC, 2 MM, 4 HB.  Still need 4 more MLs and 2 more MM marines to complete my OCD collection.

OCD organized assembled marines, ready for the spray can, the airbrush, then the hand brush.
Only after the devs are done that I will paint up all of my jump packs - 40+ for my Jump Lists, and then rotate units on the painting bench (as this is the main list I play currently) to get my 30 Jump Pack marines painted.

After that, I will take on my Vehicles to leave me with 2 painted and operational lists - My DoA army and my RazorSpam army.

Here is the current AS composition, click for a bigger readable view.

Who needs New Year resolutions?  I have New Year lists..long ones.  Lists are OCD. Lists save time.

And on a side note, Have you seen those leaked Dreadnought GK/BA sprue pics?  Looking sweet huh?  I need to save up for 3 of them, 2 StormRavens, and one last LRC.  Then I can cut off the Power Armor purchasing...maybe

Thanks for reading!


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