Friday, January 21, 2011

Thing a Day 1/20 METAL!

Thing a Day, Thursday January 20, 2011

Today I got bizzay with the brush and started on my METAL!  Did my red armor shading and tweaked out a few Heavy Weapons.

Check out the pics!

All of the marines finished armor reds and the finished 8 Heavy weapon marines

Closeups of the finished metal, still lacking the black highlight and touch ups to be done last.  The last shot of the ML marines shows the shading a quick ink and wash can do.  I ink with more of a Magenta color, and I feel its deep enough that a highlight won't be needed

  • Touched up all my reds.
  • Shaded all red armor with inks and washes.
  • All metal tubes Imperial Eagles, armor joints, and bolts are now METAL! 
  • Began painting all my Weapons.  
  • -All Heavy Bolters
  • -All Plasma Cannons *Plasma Cannon coils are to be done with airbrush last.

For tomorrow I hope to whip up the last run of metal for all the Devs, giving one more sitting for trimming out my black armor With Codex Grey and basing these bad boys.  By next week All my Devastators shall be ready to lay waste to all those who defy the EMPEROR AND SANGUNIUS!...ahem...

Thanks for watching!

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