Monday, January 17, 2011

Thing a Day 1/16

Sunday, January 16 2011

Today's thing a Day was a bit of cleanup.  I edged and cleaned up my Devastator knee icons and shoulder chapter badges with my Armor red and Armor black.

As I used white decal paper to ensure my white is bright and crisp, I need to always trim up the edges of my decals.  Not only does it clean up the color I feel it gives a clean and easier blend from the icon colors to the armor color.  Then once I edge and ink my flat areas, it also blends into the badges.
Examples of the edging.  Hopefully you can see a marked difference from Friday's post and image. (click for a better look)

My cleanup red is a easy two-stepper.  Quick edge in The Foundation Color, Mechrite Red, and a dab of Blood Red on a second coat as needed.  My black armor is actually a 3:1 ratio of Chaos Black and Regal blue.  I learned a long time ago in some blog or art class, don't remember which came first, never use straight black as a final color.  At the least add blue, it adds a depth to your black, and looks waaaay cooler.

For my whole black models such as Death Company and my Chaplins, I plan to do more blue into the mix, and rip off Roman's awesome'll see soon.

Thanks for watching!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's update of heavy support POWAH!

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