Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thing a Day 2/3-2/5 Reinforcements and more!

Thing a Day, February 3-5, 2011  

So I didn't get a specific post up for Thursday as I was still a bit under the weather and my Uncle just flew into town from Colorado, So I've been busy.  But to make up for it I've been busy planning, plotting, and researching.
As many of you know, the new Blood Angels SR and Dreads came out on Friday, the 4th, and you know me... Reinforcements were INCOMING!  More after the jump.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to help out my FLGS by assembling their display Storm Raven and Librarian dreadnought, which I was able to snag for myself after the street date.  Check out my full pile of reinforcements:

Thats a total of:
  • 2 Storm Ravens (1 assembled)
  • 1 Libby Dreadnought (assembled)
  • 1 Death Company Furioso
  • 1 Regular Furioso
  • 1 Drop Pod - I intend to make it a dread drop pod, so this will be my first Proof of Concept Mod Pod.

That isn't just it, as I've been batting around ideas for making/buying the right foam for my Storm Ravens.  They come in at ~4.5 inches tall from skid to tail fin, so 4 inch foam trays are too shy, and 5 inch are hard to come by.  I've been eyeing foam at my local fabric shop, and working numbers in my head...then LO AND BEHOLD!  Other great minds were working on the same problem...Lauby got the same idea down pat.  I WAS VINDICATED.  So today, I put it to the test.  Check it out:

5 Inch foam, looks juuust right.

Got the foam, cut the tray, now I just need to finish cleanup and cut it out - the real hard part.  And knowing me, of course, I have magnetized the wings and all weapon options for ease of transport, and well...because I can.  Completed trays and those details probably after I get back in town next Thursday.  Here are the facts about my Foam finds:

Overall, the one thing I would recommend to the frugal gamer like myself, is to get on the Jo-Anne's and Michael's Email or mailing list.  You will then receive email coupons for 50% off of one item, weekend sales, etc. almost weekly.  In places like that, you can ALWAYS find a hobby tool, box, container, or material you can use.  Well worth it.

The 5 inch foam sheet is Regularly $67.00 a YARD!  Yeah painful, but I was able to get a precut chunk about 10 inches, about a 1/4 yard for $17.60, then with a 50% coupon it came out to less than 10 bucks.  And when you add a backing of your choice, at 4-5 dollars more, you can get two nice 5 inch trays for less than $15.  No better way in my opinion, to protect your investment.

And lastly, yes I have been slowly chipping away at my Jump Packs here is proof:

About 50% done with the grunt work.

And as a final note, I will be playing a few games on Saturday, I'll let you guys know how it goes.  I will be trying my 2k DoA list against the Emperors finest, and probably try out my full armored approach with All of my predators and their AV 13 wall of DEATH!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading!


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