Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community, Updates, and Multi-tasking

Community, Updates, and Multi-tasking
Thing a Day update 2/18-2/23

Howdy Folks!

I have been keeping my Thing a day, to thing-every few days or thing-a-week, which I think is probably ok as to not clutter and spam the blog.  But don't fret, I am still working on my armies!  This update straddles a weekend, so not too much happened on Saturday and Sunday.  Recent highlights after the jump.

  • More work on the Jump Packs.
  • Nerd Party/Blog boot camp for our new blogger, Lord Castillo.
  • Finished, i.e. Based/Magnetized my 95% assembled Storm Raven.
  • Tuesday Night fights, 2000 Point game.
  • Refining Traitor Guard army Ideas...(more info on a later post).
  • Community statement

Jump packs
My jump packs are done with the grunt work stages.  All remaining is the metals, purity seals, and finishing touches.  I hope to have these all done and have the first squad airbrushed/based by next weekend.  No pics, but this weekend I'll get more work on them and post 'em up.  Scout's honor.

Nerd party/Blog Boot camp
On Sunday, 2/20 Lord Castillo and I got together had lunch with the significant others, and met on Blog ideas, fluff and background work, and overall nerd talk at my place.  We kinda finalized the narrative ideas and LC will probably be getting Planetary Empires for us to give it the good old college try.  I presented him the glory of the IA books and the narrative./awesome ideas presented within.  Especially the Badab War stuff in IA9.  The day before, Saturday, LordC and our local new GK player, FreddyB played a few games at the LordC castle.  Hopefully he will blog up a few reports and posts about 'em.  (hint hint)

Stormraven 100%
Finished my Storm Raven with a few remaining hours of work.  This was the Raven from the FLGS that I assembled for display before the launch date.  It was all glued together, so I took my soft and gentle ape paws and removed the wings to be magnetized.  This was a fun test as to the best way to magnetize the wings and air vent.   I also taped off the clear stand and made up the rubble on the base.  Here are some pics.

My magnetized solutions.
The wings have a metal plate, lots of small magnets sit at the connection
point of the fuselage, and one big one for the air vent to keep it together.
You may also notice a honking magnet on the flying base,
and of course -all the weapons and options.

Look ma, no hands!  Magnets HO!

Fully assembled, and ready for primer.

Tuesday Night Fight
Against Lord Castillio's Chaos, 2k points, Dawn of War, Killpoints.  I wanted to give another try to my full mech as it has been a steep learning curve for me.  Drawing DoW and KP was a downer right off the bat as I wanted to try my alpha strike idea, and with 18KP available in my list, I knew it would be uphill.  It ended with LordC at  7 6KP, and me at 5KP. (We miscounted my Sanguinary Priests of the HG as a KP, just realized it now as I wrote this, so LordC only won by one...Not too shabby.  If my rolls were better on his rhino and Dread, I coulda' gotten him!  CURSES!)

The Angels Sanguine

  • 3 TLAC Predators.
  • 3 Baal/HB.
  • 4 Razor HF with 5 man ASM melta/infernus.
  • 2 Rhino with Libby(shield/lance) + HG/2 Meltas.

The Lord's Chaos.

  • 10 Plague Marines in Rhino.
  • 2 x 10 Noise Marines with Master Blaster.
  • 1 Dread with TLAC/CCW.
  • 6 Termies.
  • Nurgle Lord "Sir Cannon Fodder" on bike.
  • 10 Chosen (the infiltrators) with 3 Plasmaguns.

As always, this list I work against has a few very important goals for me...KILL SIR CANNON FODDER, and simply run up and purge the Chaos with Holy Promethium!

I played this time more aggressively, and had a first turn chance to mass fire the Plague Marines but the dice started against me.  The obliterators were rolling fail all game long for LordC, but he was able to pop a few of my rhinos and knock out some of my ASM with his Noise Marines and Chainfisted Termies, giving him the win.  This game gave me good rolls with the Blood Llance, popping Lord Cannon Fodder on turn 2.  MORAL VICTORY!

Overall, for me this was a great learning game, I had a great time, and I believe I am starting to get better with the Full Mech Sanguine army.

Traitor Guard
Lastly, a bit of a teaser update...further info pending.   I will be working on collecting a Traitor Guard army.  Inspired by the IA9 Badab War book and the awesome awe inspiring army work by Dan of Ten Inch Template,   I plan to slowly work on this to be my second main army and this gives me some building and conversion tasks between painting my AS.

It will do you well to check out Dan's blog.  He has also has and continues to contribute to one of my favorite Podcasts, 11th Company.  Read the blog listen to the podcasts..DO EEET!!!  
You'll thank me later!!

 Below is my army chart planning for the army.  I will get into specifics of the lists and army in later posts.

Clicky for readability.
Community Update
As a side note, with the news of the halting of Ron's work with FTW has hit the community, we at 3B hope the best for him and applaud his decision to focus on family and live more for himself and his own.  I always keep a large blogroll to the right bottom of this blog, and encourage you all to do the same and try to link to other blogs in the community and share the love as much as possible as I mentioned in this previous post.  I know I am happy with the overall community sharing and linking sentiment that this news has triggered, and other blogs are beginning to do the same weekly features Ron always had going for FTW.

If there are any blog owners out there who read the3B blog, firstly, thanks for reading, and secondly please feel free to comment below with your blog info and I'll be happy to add it to our roll here and we can exchange links/followers.

Well, there is the update, as always, thanks for reading!



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