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Thing a day, 2/15-2/16: Game Day and Cleaning!

Thing a day, 2/15-2/16

Game Day and more cleaning/organizing.

This update covers our Tuesday Night fight game for this week, and a little tiny bit of related on Wednesday (2/16).  On Tuesday, it was MikeF with his Chaos Marines, Freddy, with his 1k of Grey Knights, and me with my Angels Sanguine.  As we had three players, we decided to do a 2 headed at 1k side, Freddy and I, against Mike F's 2k of Chaos.

The game showed that Freddy is a serious player and is really wanting to learn.  Just after a few weeks he has some models, built a couple of 1k lists, bought a Black Reach box and got his books and templates.  It is a pleasure to play with such an enthusiastic new player.  Of course, I asked about his thoughts on the new Grey Knight rumors floating around, and strangely enough, his thoughts were:  "No, I haven't looked at any of it.  I want it to be a surprise!"

Good for him!  As a new player he will probably be stoked with anything the new book has, but as an older player I am pretty happy with the rumors and coming changes.  It looks like its going be fun to have a new Gk player in our little group.  Some of the older players will rejoice with some of the new stuff, and probably poo poo a few others, but with Freddy's enthusiasm I think it's all looks good.  (I am intentionally not talking about any specifics on those rumors here in case Freddy reads this post)

So anyway, on to the game!

We each made up our lists, I took my 2k mech spam and cut right it down the middle:

  • 2 Auto Las Preds
  • 1 Scouting Baal/HB with an HK
  • 2 HF razors with 5 man Assaults, MG/Inferno pistols
  • 1 Rhino with Libby (shield/lance), HG with 2 Meltas

Freddys List was:

  • GK Grand Master/champion thing guy
  • + 4 Terminator retinue
  • 2 GK Squads, with 2 Inferno Cannons each
  • 1 TL LC Dread
  • Orbital bombardment

All against the 2000 points worth of Mike F's Chaos:

  • 1 Rhino w/10 Plague Marines
  • 1 Dread TL Lascannon
  • 2 Nnits of Noise Marines with Blaster Master shenanigans
  • 1 Unit of infiltrating marines of something
  • 3 Obliterators
  • 6 Termies
  • 1 Nurgle lord, 'Mr. Cannon Fodder' on bike 

The game ended up being long edge deployment, with four objectives.

Freddy and I got first turn, and setup accordingly, planning for a first turn nuke of Mike's Obliterators and mech.

The Infiltrating whatever appeared close to our deployment edge on our left flank, most of our forces were on the right flank close to two objectives.

I then scouted my Baal right across from the Infiltrators to open up first turn.

However, our planned first turn strike against his Oblits and Rhino fizzled when Mike F was able to SEIZE INITIATIVE!

I was definitely a sad panda....

Yeah....after that Murphy's law took full effect.

For the sake of brevity, here are the highlights.  As always, Take my memory with a grain of salt, as I almost ALWAYS mix up the order of things and what happens when, but you should get the picture close enough.

Top - 1

  • Mike moved his two units of Noise marines into cover close to one of the objectives, and the Rhino moved towards the other on his side, left flank.  Turtle was the word for Mike's marines.  Safe in trees, the Slanesshi had a sweet spot.
  • The first turn Mike began to stun my tanks with his Oblits and Noise Marines.  The Baal, and my center AutoLas Pred both were stunned and shaken respectively.  
  • Mike turbo boosted Mr. Cannon Fodder behind his infiltrators.
  • No real kills.

Bottom - 1

  • Freddy began to move towards objectives, I brought a razor in closer to the Infiltrator squad.  The other razor came closer to the left flank behind. 
  • My Command rhino wiggled into range to give my 2 Preds Shield.
  • Freddy and I shot towards the Chaos Dread and Freddy managed to roll 2's and whiff.  Rolls of two for him became a theme for the game...  I was  able to stun it with my Autocannon.

Top - 2

  • Reserved terminators fail to come on.
  • Mike continued to come towards our left objective and all of my forces with his Oblits.  
  • His shooting continued to stun and keep my own shooting down.  Baal again was stunned, and the Preds switched places, one was stunned and the first one was missed.  
  • Mike managed to pop my second razorback with a wrecked result and the squad hopped out.  First Vehicle Down!
  • Mike got Mr. Cannon fodder into a good place to hopefully assault my only troop choices..he can almost taste it!

Bottom - 2

  • Freddy failed his reserve rolls for the Orbital and the HQ squad...both with twos.
  • Freddy Moved his two GK squads, one onto our center objective and one behind a tower close to grab an objective when needed.
  • I disembarked the first Assault squad close to the Infiltrating Chaos.
  • I moved up the second squad who lost their ride.
  • I was able to wipe out the Infiltrator Chaos squad with heavy flamer and Asaault squad shooting! First blood!
  • Freddy shot again with his Dread...twos...
  • I was able to immobilize and stun the Chaos dread.

Top -3

  • Reserves had the terminators mishap and go back onto the battle barge.  Not this turn guys...
  • More moving closer on the left flank...
  • More stunlocking my tanks...
  • This time Mike immobilized one of my Razors.
  • Mike neglected an important thing...he forgot to Move Mr. Cannon Fodder!  This will spell his doom!!

Bottom - 3

  • Freddy's reserve rolls came in and his bombardment came down...Right on top of one the terrain pieces the Noise Marines were hiding in.  Stupid cover saves, only managed to kill 2 marines.
  • With Mike now realizing his folly, I had to move toward nuking Mr. Cannon Fodder.  Moved the two assault squads toting 2 MG and 2 Inferno pistols.
  • Freddy moved his dread behind cover closer to the second objective on Mike's side...working towards contesting.
  • Freddy Shook the Chaos Dread out of shooting next turn.
  • My preds were still stunned but my rhino moved in to reinforce the left flank.
  • My assault marines opened up on Mr. Cannon fodder and left a smoldering, stinky crater.  At this point, the game for me was as good as won.  Screw objectives..I killed Mr. Cannon Fodder, Again!  Every game he dies before he can do anything.  I now have a new mission when playing Mike's Chaos. MU HAHA!
This is what is left of Mr. Cannon Fodder EVERY_GAME!
Top - 4

  • Mike was able to roll better for reserves and got his Termies on the board close to the tower and objective hoping to remove the Gk and take away our right objective.
  • More shooting as Mike begins to roll just a TINY bit better..he immobilizes my midfield predator.
  • Obliterators are slowly stomping forward and keeping my vehicles suppressed.  
  • This turn, no real damage to my Baal and now its free next turn! WOO!

Bottom - 4

  • Orbital Bombardment takes out one noise marine in the second squad.
  • Reserves allow the HQ and terminators to come in just within 12 inches of the noise marine squad closest to the right objective, also in range of the bombardment next turn...
  • Freddy moves to claim the objective and lets loose with his GK close our right objective and manages to kill two termies.
  • Freddys Dread fires off at the termies as well, to no effect.
  • My assault squads close in to one oblit for melta fun, my Baal gets in line to mow down another oblit, and my command rhino moves out in front across from the second oblit to disembark and fry him as insurance.
  • All squads and Baal fire mow down the two oblits in question.

Top - 5

  • The angry termies charge and wipe out the GK squad...they consolidate to contest the right most objective.  
  • The remaining Obliterator shambles forward and drops a plasma template killing half of my assault squads.
  • Mike's rear most noise marines open up on the GK Termies and manage to knock out two termies and put a wound on the Grand Master.
  • The noise marines remaining closest to Mikes rightmost objective move then run to grab it.

Bottom - 5

  • The shop is close to close, so we decide to finish this round to end the game.
  • Not much on our end, as the orbital fails to wound, the GK termies run but can't get close enough to contest (this would have tied the game!).
  • I shoot with my Baal again and try to pop the Chaos rhino with no effect, HK, Autocannon, and HB fail to even glance.

And with that, Mike F wins with two objectives and one contested, us with only the one in the center.

This was a fun game, but I definitely made a poor choice using my mech list and having so few troops.  My 1k DoA lists would have fared much better keeping Mike's troops off of objectives.  But this way I did get more practice with BA mech, and I was able to remember my Sanguine Shield for my vehicles which saved me from a few pens on my razors.  Overall fun game, great peeps.  Loved it!

So lastly,  Wednesday was a bit tied up as we went to visit my brother-in-law who will be leaving back to China until August, when he moves back to FL for good.  I did manage to grab something for my hobby pile, a new cabinet to hold all my unassembled plastics.  From Target, 30 bucks, and it matches out other cabinets.  Perfect!  Organization FTW.
Imagine a huge pile of awesome all on sprues in here.  Yeah, I imagine it too.

And with that,

That's the update.  Thanks for reading!


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