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Thing a Day 2/1 Tuesday game night

Thing a Day, February 1, 2011

Last night marked the first game night at my FLGS for February.  We did a team game consisting of the three Mikes, Me, M.Brown, M.Fursa and Cody/Cory/Something with a C?  I'm horrible with names....  Details after the jump.

We had the following armies at 1.5k making 3k each side

Me - DOA Angels

  • 25  ASM
  • 10 VV
  • 5 HG
  • 2 Sang Priest
  • 1 Librarian - Fear the Darkness, Unleashed Rage.

Mike B - Necrons

  • 40 Warriors
  • Monolith
  • 6 Destroyers
  • 1 Tomb Spider
  • lord with stuff...

Mike F

  • Leman Russ - BattleCannon
  • Leman Russ - Exterminator
  • 3 platoon squads in Chimeras
  • 10~12 Stormtoopers
  • 1 Company command, Master of ordinance


  • Bane Wolf
  • Ratlings
  • 2 Squads with snipers
  • 1 Squad Vets in Vendetta
  • PC Squad with medic and sniper
  • CC Squad with Missile Launcher team, Bodyguard, Master of ordinance, Astropath
  • Commissar Yarrick
  • Sly Marbo

As usual with my battle reports, there are probably some discrepancies, as my memory is some times wishy washy.

Setup and Deployment
We diced off the match up, Mike F and I were on one side, going first - 3 objectives, Dawn of War.  Mike B and Cody were on the other side.

Mike F and I got first turn.

We deployed our side, me with 2 ASM and everything else in reserve, Mike with his command squad and chimeras on the board, everything else coming in on turn 2.

Cody put out pretty much all his troops (lots of snipers) and reserved Yarrick, the Vendetta Vets, and Marbo.

Mike B.  He kept everything in reserves...

Turn One
With night fight, first round shooting was ineffective on both sides.  Luckily for us, we gained a turn to move into a better position.  My ASM were moving to intercept the incoming Necrons, and Mike F was getting into firing position across from Cody's Guard.

Turn Two

The top of this second turn was a bit devastating with only half of the enemy present, leaving Mike and I with no choice but to dump all of our firepower onto the guard.

The turn began with a crackle of psychic force as the Angels Sanguine librarian descended with his honor guard and instilled fear into a squad of Guard snipers with the Power Of Darkness.  The terrified guard ran from their firing line and as grim smile cut across the Librarian's lips.

All of the remaining Angles descended, almost unaffected by the enemy Astropath.  Only one Vanguard Vet squad remained on the Thunderhawk in high orbit, waiting for another chance to join the fray.

The Vanguard Vets who were able to deploy, dropped down to Heroically charge a group of Troopers forming a line between the objective and the Enemy CC Squad.

The Storm trooper veterans deployed via Grav chute and laid fire into the Company Command squad, their years of disciplined drills and unparalleled practice cutting apart their enemy showed as they fired Hot Las shots punching through the command squad, their cover giving no real protection.

Following the Storm Troopers, a five man ASM squad arrived on the other side of the Commanders creating an even more deadly crossfire with their bolt pistols.  The final tally of ASM and Stormtroopers disciplined fire was the Astropath, one Missile trooper, and a Bodyguard.

Mike F's Master of ordinance called down an orbital strike that claimed two Guard from one squad, and two more from another.

Mike F's forward chimeras opened up with multilaser at Cody's Platoon Command squad and took out a sniper or two.

A thunderous boom was heard, heralding the arrival of MikeF's  Leman Russes from his table edge.  The shot landed to the right of it's target but managed to vaporize a few of the fleeing troopers.

A short assault phase saw the Vanguard Vets destroy the Guard platoon they Intervened upon.

Bottom of two
The bottom of the second turn finally saw all of the Necrons come onto the board, Cody's Leman Russ, Rattlings and Bane Wolf, unfortunately for him, his reserve rolls kept Marbo, Yarrick and his Vendetta Vets off the board for another turn.

The Shooting phase saw the Monolith blasting its high tech particle weapon to vaporize a Space Marine, and two rounds of shooting from Necron Destroyers flayed the skin from the Storm Troopers who laid down their lives With the Emperor's Prayer on their lips.

The Bane Wolf let out a gout of poisonous death against the Vanguard Vets, but was only able to take one veteran out with it's noxious poison.

In an example of the Emperor's Protection, 20 Necron warriors unleashed rapidfire upon 5 of the Angels Sanguine and were unable to wound.

The Necron tomb spider assaulted the remaining 4 Astartes Veterans and failed to wound, but took one power weapon wound bringing it to one wound left.

Turn Three
The top of third turn saw the last Vanguard Vet squad descent in position to assault one of the large clumps of Necron warriors.  The remaining Astartes moved into firing and assault positions against the Necrons.  The Astartes meltaguns fired into the Necron Monolith managing to shake it, and fire into the Necron warriors killing two per squad.  More Astartes shooting downed a Necron destroyer and prepared themselves for the coming assault.

The master of ordinance dropped a barrage killing one more PC trooper on the center objective.  Continued fire from the guard chimeras whittled down one or two more of Cody's troopers.

The real meat of the turn was the combined assaults against the Necron warriors and the Bane Wolf.

Unfortounately for the Astartes, their attack only managed to shake the Bane Wolf.  The combined charges of multiple Astartes laid waste to both Necron warrior squads knocking down a total of ten between the two squads.  Additionally, the Tomb Spider was finished off in combat, and another Destroyer fell to the attack of a five man ASM squad.

As the assault phase ground on, we were approaching closing time of the shop, 9PM, so we decided to resolve the bottom of the third and finish the game.

Bottom of the third
The final reserve rolls saw the Vendetta arriving via Deep Strike right next to the center objective, contesting it making the game a tie.  Ineffective shooting from Cody's guard, and all the Necrons being embroiled in combat left this turn a bit flat, but clinched the Draw for both sides.  Marbo arrived, but didn't turn the tide, yet Yarrick stayed out of the battle for one more turn.

With one objective in each deployment zone, still secured, and the third in contest from the Vendetta of Vets and two of Mike F's chimeras, the game ended.

Not bad for a combined forces fight, and pretty fun.  It was nice as an assault oriented Army to have a good backing from a IG force.  Leaving all the Necrons in reserve probably spelled doom for the Necron and IG forces Allowing 3000 points to whittle down 1500 for a turn.

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