Monday, February 28, 2011

Thing a Day 2/24 - 2/28: Jump Packs and Traitor Guard

Thing a Day 2/24 - 2/28: Long Jump Packs and Traitor Guard

Here's some quick updates that are getting me back into the groove. As I mentioned last time, I am working on finishing my jump packs and getting my Assault JP troopers ready to paint.  I have achieved that first goal finally, and gotten over the 40 Jump Pack hump.  I am now back to my 10 man painting sessions and will begin tonight with my First squad and a Librarian on the side.

Here are finished pics of my Jump packs:

So, you like?
And as I noted before, I am planning a Traitor Guard army and will be expanding more on the plans and work in a detailed post, but before I get to detailing the army, I am torn on how to go about the theme and back story of the army.

I am interested in digging into one of the two following ideas:

Option 1:
A Sek Warband.  This would be a highly organized Chaos warband, similar to the popular Blood Pact.      They follow Angakwanar Sek, "whose voice drowns out all others" and would involve some good greenstuffing and detailed khorne iconography to bring it home.  The Sek Forces are from the Sabbat worlds and are detailed in the novel, the Armor of Contempt here:  
Each one of the enemy warriors was massive. Their upper bodies, shoulders and arms were thick with muscle, making them look slightly comical and top heavy. There was nothing comical about the speed or determination with which they were advancing. The bright yellow hue of their battledress contrasted, with an aposematic punch, against the gloss black of their body armor.
Emblems of Ruin were welded to their chest plates, and long strings of beads and amulets rattled around them. Their heads were shaved and are, and stained or dressed with white pigment over which delicate black designs had been inscribed across the cranium and brow. Their body armor rose up onto a broad neck guard which concealed their mouths behind a lip fashioned from black iron to resemble a cupping hand, as if they each had a hand placed over their mouths....these were the Sons of Sek.
I apologize as I have no credits for this image, as I only found it posted on forums, but this is a perfect image to work towards.

I almost want to steal this guy's work, _Malestrom_ from the Warseer forums!

Option 2:
A Nurgle chaos cult.  This would be much more free form and very unique.  A mix of Cadian, Catachan, Empire Zombies, and tons of green stuff, BLAMMO.  A nurgle based chaos traitor army.  LOTS of fun and opportunity here.  Check out the PapaNurgle Forums  I ran across while doing research.

So, it really boils down to Khorne or Nurgle.

Any Ideas?

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  1. I think the Sek warband would be more challenging while the Nurgle one would be more fun to model.

    Either one would probably work well but I like Sek more.

  2. I am beginning to lean towards Khorne as well... I just started reading the Sabbat Crusade book, and just got my copies of Traitor General and Armor of Contempt...Research still ongoing...


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