Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thing A Day 3/16 - 3/23 Finished JP Assault Squad

Thing A Day 3/16 - 3/23 Finished JP Assault Squad

As the title says, I finally finished my first JP Assault squad.  Additionally, I finished a Librarian and made up the rest of the bases I will need for the remaining 3 Squads. Phew...  It's nice when a plan comes together.  Read the rest of my week of updates after the jump.

With the Jump Packs, Melta guns, and Bases Pre-painted, I finished the last touches and was able to slap the base and Dull Cote on, just in time for my Tuesday Fight night beat down.  Less talky, more piccy:

As I mentioned, my first Librarian is done as well.  I am pretty happy with his armor blending of blue, however I am still working on getting better with my bone and white-ish colors.  Any tips, feel free to share.

Also, with a squad one, I get to triumphantly tic off a unit from my army chart.

Click for readability please..
For my Sons of Sek, I have been doing TONS of research, including absolutely inhaling the Gaunts Ghosts series by Dan Abnett.  I took two pages of notes for my army from reading the book Traitor General.  Fantastic army ideas and explanation of Chaos occupation on an imperial world.

I cannot emphasize how amazingly awesome Mr. Abnett's work is.  If you don't read his fiction for the universe, you are definitely missing out.  right now I am halfway through Armor of Contempt, and will be done with it today, moving on to Only in Death.

As of now, I am slowly building my army and working on plans for doing my transports.  I will be attempting to build some Taylor Pattern Chimera for my army and will be bit ordering most of the pieces for this and have begun doing my Ebay market research.  Yee haw!

Current army composition is as follows.

Click for readability please..
And so, there we are another week of daily updates

Thanks again for reading.


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