Monday, March 7, 2011

Thing a Day 3/1-3/7 March is on!

Thing a Day 3/1-3/7

Howdy folks!  MikeD here again with another Thing a day wrap-up post.  The fam and I have been super busy starting March, and I've been lucky enough to get some hobby time in as well.  Check out the update after the jump.

As I mentioned in my update, I began my First JP ASM squad in earnest.  I have already base coated, and trimmed up all the armor base colors and highlights on the 10 ASM and one Librarian.


As most of you kow, the new OnG Army Book came out, and mine was all ready to go on Pre-order.  I picked it up from my FLGS last week with a set of the fancy magic cards for the army.  I did some refactoring and realized I have a lot of OnG needing paint, so I may start to intersplice painting green between my red and black.

My reaction to the book seems to be similar to everyone on the net.  The Army book is not an OP buff, and not really a nerf but I am pretty happy with it.  I always like the unique things in Codexes and Armybooks, and Always loved the idea of Squigs and Night Gobbos.  I think now with the changes to Squigs, and the few tweaks to points, I will field lots of Night Gobbos, a few war machines and a couple blocks of squigs.  Oh and this silly new little spider thing they added....we'll see about that.

As far as my Angels Army, I have gotten into painting the JP ASM as I mentioned above, and tied up a few loose ends this weekend.

  • Completed assembling my last Assault Terminators to join my squads, 3 Hammernators and 2 Dual LC.
  • Assembled/cleaned/magnetized two more Sanguinary Priests.
-I previously chopped the grail arm off of Corbulo to give to My SP termie (Still in the works) and had Corbs sitting in my bits box.  I caught a glance of him and said hey, I can probably salvage him and make a regular SP with the mini.  So I did!  A trim here and there, and a few magnets later, and Corbs is now a rank and File priest.
  • Magnetized the remaining Land Raider Weapons
-I previously assembled my LR without the Flamestorm cannons, (as I used them for my Razorbacks) but I got luck on a bit order a few weeks back and got two replacement cannons for 2 bucks.  I finally finished off the Tank by magnetizing the sponson options.  I may never use the Flamestorms, but I have them ready to go, just in case.

Last but not least:
Khorne wants to meet your parents.

"Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull throne!"

Yeap, I will be working SLOWLY on a Sons of Sek Army.  I really want this army to look awesome so I will be working on green stuffing each and every head and trooper in the army.  The fun part of this for me will be organizing and learning easily repeatable techniques and processes to make my army stand out and be fluffy, while sticking close enough to an organized and cohesive IG force as I possibly can.  And It will all be blogged...WEE!!!!

So yeah,

Thats been my week, I hope to keep chugging away on my ASM and Librarians.  Thanks for reading.


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