Sunday, March 13, 2011

Relictors Update

      Welcome readers, Lord Castillo here with an update on the Relictors squad that I have been working on. Despite the Grey Knights incursion that is nigh upon our heads I am still building and re-vamping my Chaos army. I say "Death to the tools of the Emperor!" Any way enough of my ramblings, I do have an update to share with you. To the left we have a photo of my old Space Wolves army that I joyfully converted and transformed into a Chosen squad for Chaos. Space Wolves! But they ROCK!?!?! Yes they do now but these guys are from 3rd edition and they sucked. Let me clarify they sucked for me. I banished them to the garage because I lost every game I played with them. So imagine the light bulb going off in my head when I came across them again. There was no better way to put them back into service. 

       So here they are.............The new and improved Relictors!!! I gave them a darker paint job, lots of chips and scratches to the armor to reflect the passing of time in the warp. These guys have journeyed to the dark side of a space marines life. They have been left for dead, hunted, beat down and battered with only themselves to console one another that and the sweet tantalizing caress of Chaos. 

I hand painted the chapter icon on each marine.

A shot of the whole squad with chapter icon.

Aspiring Champion Calistor....So that is pretty much the update on my Relictors. The only thing I have left to do with them is finish their bases. I am definitely looking to play with these guys to see how they look and perform on the field of battle.I gave them the Mark of Khorne each marine has two ccw with the exception of the melta-gunner. That means each marine has a profile of 1 attack, plus 1 for two ccw, plus one for the Banner of Khorne, plus one for the champion and plus one for a charge. The standard marine will put out 4 attacks on a charge and 5 for the champ. Keep in mind that I have two more marines with power weapons. So again on a charge I will have 13 out of 40 hits that are power weapon. They also get to infiltrate and seriously disrupt the flow for my opponent. It has been a pleasure sharing with you, thanks for stopping by and keep gaming!! Lord Castillo.............

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