Monday, April 4, 2011

Thing a Day: A GrimDark Rainbow, and Dreadnoughts on Parade!

Thing a Day:  A GrimDark Rainbow, and Dreadnoughts on Parade!

Take a look, its in a book.  I have been hitting the books recently, and I also got some hobby done...Check it out!

Gaunt's Ghosts Reading Completed.  
I am now caught up on my Gaunts Ghosts reading.  For anyone who is a fan of the guard or just the human elements of the universe, these books are almost a required read.  In doing research and background for my planned Sons Of Sek army, three books stood out for me.  Traitor General, which was by far the best in that subject as it explains and covers what happens on a chaos occupied world, Armor of Contempt, how a liberation is fought and the effects of long term occupation and subsequent chaos infection from the ground up, and lastly the Blood Pact book, which reinforces the brutality and cunning of the arch enemy.

If you think that Chaos is a bunch of namby pamby Emperor hatin' warp crazed fanatics, read these books and you'll gain a healthy respect for how serious and insidious the arch enemy really is.

So with my Gaunts Ghosts reading caught up, I move on to catch up on my Horus Heresy books.

Horus Heresy = EPIC

As of this writing I am on book 10, Interlude:  Tales of Heresy.  Five books after this and I am caught up.  For any of you who have not yet read the Horus Heresy, I highly recommend it as its not just Warhammer 30k.  It's all about the roots, the source, the motivation, and the development of all the 40k lore you love and play with today.

For a great synopsis, I recommend giving a listen to  to the Worlds End Radio podcast, ep 54.  Here is a link and description:

Warhammer 40,000 Lore: The Horus Heresy (01:37:35)

- Perhaps the single most defining back story in the whole of the 40K universe, we take a detailed look at the events of the Horus Heresy as told by the range of Black Library novels available, and explore the pivotal events that created the 40K setting as it stands today.

I cannot stress how important the books from the Black Library are for me in the hobby.  They spark the imagination, and build the foundation of why I love this kind of hobby.  Not only are we talking about little army men going Pew, Pew, Pew, its all about rich and polarizing back story.  Every thing from politics, religion, greed, wealth, poverty, death, destruction, hope and fear.  It runs the gamut in these books, and in the case of some novels some slap your forehead stupidity and comedy.

If you haven't read any of these books, turn off the computer, and go find one.  You'll thank me.

Dreads on Parade!

These are not the Dreads you are looking for.

In the actual hobby realm, I have completed my dreadnought assembly this week.  I now have my full Angels Sanguine Dreadnoughts ready for paint.  Fully assembled, and of course, magnetized.

3 Furioso
3 Heavy Support
2 Death Company
2 Librarian

I am also continuing my furious Sons Of Sek (For the Anarch who's voice drowns out all others, and all that guff) research and I am beginning down the path of scratch building and molding.  Lots of fun, and kinda messy.  More info on posts coming soon.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I'm on the third Gaunt's collection and only on book 5 or 6 of the HH series. I tend to go back and forth with my 40k and WHFB books to mix it up.

  2. I want to hop onto fantasy after I get these HH done, I want to pick up the Malus Darkblade stuff. So far I haven't found something BL has put out that I hate, I do have favorites though.


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