Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dead Man Walking

Howdy folks!

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Yes it's been little over a month since I blogged about my progress, so I am going to remedy that today.  With the family trading illnesses and my step son reaching the venerable age of 7, (his birthday is May 5th...his Uncle already claimed the 21st birthday) I've had precious little time with the hobby and been pulled into other diversions (I also blame Minecraft for some of it).

I have not put brush to paint but I did get plenty of other things accomplished.  Check it out!

-The assembly of the Angels Sanguine has continued, and I slapped together my second Storm Raven.

-I have prepped the two bike squads for my Biker List.  2 x 8 man bike squads with 2 x Meltas each, 2 x Biker Librarians, and 2 x Biker Priests. (Included are 3 Land Speeders-unassembled, as part of the ravenwing boxes.  Those will come in later lists.)

If I exploded 16 bikes, this is what it would look like...
I have also spent time planning and mustering my Sons Of Sek army...

I have now ordered a bevy of bits and have been assembling my weapons and various bits and bobs for the troopers.  As there has been a world wide meltagun shortage, I was only able to secure 2 blisters of melts from my FLGS, so I decided to try my hand at practice casting for my Sek transport pieces I will be doing later.

I began by making up a total of 16 meltaguns, 20 shotguns, and 5 "Dante" pattern jump pack copies.

As I wanted to do these for practice and get some experience with resin kit, and needless to say, I learned a lot.  That itself ate up at least a week and a half of my time learning the ins and out of casting.  Rest assured I now appriciate the Forgeworld pain (on a larger scale of course) of the miscasting and resin work.

In additon to my resin work, I ordered from Micro Art Studio and got some big Futuristic guns for my Traitor Ogryn (yay to convering WHF Ogre Bulls!).  I also ordered 20 each of their Skull helmet heads and Gas Mask heads, along with the 10 shotguns I used as masters for the 30 total (vets will have them scattered and on back holsters between the 4 units)

All I can say is, for conversion bits, they are very impressive and completely worth every penny.

Here is the current spreadheet for the Sons.

Clicky for BIG!
And lastly, I have an update on the reading front.  I am now officially caught up on the Horus Heresy, and for anyone not there yet, Reading Prosper Burns gives me a huge respect and understanding of the Space Wolves.

And now as I have just finished reading the Spinoff novel from the Sabbat crusade, Double Eagle, I am itching to add a Scratch built Chaos Hell Razor or three to my Sons army.  I love how Abnett portrays Sek's fighter "Bats".  One of those diverse and complicated, yet cold and deadly aspects of a chaos warband that never really gets talked about.

So yeah.  At time ticks by, I still try to keep busy and slowly but surely get my armies in line.  I do plan on hopping back to painting now that I have taken a bit of a rest and done some modelling.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I give you mad props on your work. I personally like them. And I appreciate all the help over this weekend. You gave me soo much information that I can't even store in my brain. lol. Thanks Again!



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