Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MikeyD's STC

Howdy folks!  This week I have been updating my Army Charts, and running around with the fam for halloween.  I hope you all enjoyed your Hallows Eve.  As the title mentiones, I have a big project ahead, my Angels vehicles. Over time I have been buying and storing my Rhino Chassis and now I will finally begin to get them together.  Total of 15 Rhino chassis, like a mini Forgeworld...time to dig into the plastic.

On the workbench I have the following:
Six Razorbacks
Three Baal Predators
Three SM Predators
Three Vindicators (mostly assembled and magnetized - I might make it 2 vindis and make one another a DC razor/rhino not so sure...)

I will be trying to assemble these all in one span before I get back to painting.  Also on the table is 40 more bases that I will need to make up and paint.

With those two projects in the middle of my painting efforts, I feel a good few week break will help me get back into the groove as next I plan to paint my Devastator squads next.
Angels Sanguine Army Chart.  Click for Full Size
The rest of my army is pretty much set and ready for paint.  The full army should be able to field a large arry of lists:

All Jumpers
Razor Spam
Mixed Mech
Biker list (Blood Rodeo)
1st and 10th (Termies and Scouts)

Also, I finally got down and completed my Eldar and OnG army charts.
Eldar Army Chart.  Click for Full Size
For my Eldar, I want to go for a few lists fieldable across the army:

Full mech list
Seer/Bike list
All Harlie list

As for my OnG:
I have been digging into the OnG forums and battle reps on Da Warpath and I feel the army below should fit the bill.
OnG Army Chart.  Click for Full Size
With this Army I can field some large blocks of Orcs, plenty of Fire Support, and a touch of the fun units like squigs and Giants. Again, I will need more research on the 8th Fantasy before I fill out my full army.


On a side note, the Line drawing used in the first picture is the artwork from Wolf's Shipyard of The Shipyard Forum and can be found on his site here (licensed under creative commons licence):


These drawings are Absolutely AWESOME for those of us who play in Photoshop and want to mess with painting ideas.

Well, that's the update folks!  Thanks for reading.


  1. looks like a plan :)
    just curious where did you get the predator line drawings from? look ideal for using for colour scheme testing, any links to a vehicle painter would be great :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me Millest, Shame on me for not crediting properly. I edited the post above to contain the link, they are from a user who makes these wire frames as a hobby for all kinds of Genres. Really great stuff. He has done every type of rhino chassis to Land raiders and Thunderhawks. Check it out gang.


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