Monday, October 25, 2010


No, I'm not dead, just keeping busy.  I got a new present for my birthday and I've been busy learning the ropes.  More posts to come.  I also have been able to finish My last Assault Squad, Forcas.  Here is the update!

Heres the Pics!

I went to a gold Aquila on my Assault squad, and I think I like the result.  Finishing this squad makes my Assault/Tactical Troop selections complete to 2/3.  I have 3 Jump Pack Ten man squads to do next, but I'm going to mix it up with some heavy hitters.  Next up I will work on my Devastators.  Looking forward to tackle the blue helmets to Nail it down for my librarians in time.  i will take a brief interlude and assemble some Razorbacks, and then get back to paining.  I will also post my new present like i mentioned, stay tuned.


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