Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painting Progress: Ground Assault 2/3 Done

Progress, painting and no end in sight.  The second Squad of the Angels Sanguine, Squad Bune is ready for the Tabletop.  Next up, Squad Forcas!

Using the yellow ink method, I' am digging my yellow helmets, and I feel I got my rhythm for red down pat.

Pics below.

The astute of you may notice that I am using the Photo Stand Scenery I whipped up and explained in my last post.  I am pretty happy with it, and it works well to keep my marines in the setting and on good frame within the pic for the blog.

Up next, Squad Forcas already primed and on the table:


  1. In the Blood Angels background and codex, they use colors to signify roles. Yellow is Assault, Red is Tactical, Blue is Devastator, and Gold is Veteran. Instead of using the Tactical Arrows, Fast Attack crosses, or Devastator Delta. See my Devs for examples of the blue helmets.



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