Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photography: Put em on a pedestal!

So I made up a Lightbox, I fixed up my Lights, and I can't help but notice I'm missing something.  every time I try to take a pic of my completed units I find myself fighting with boxes, piles of paper, and various background printouts just to line them up nice for a clean photo.

Well, not anymore.  After a flash of inspiration at my local Home  Center while shopping for kitchen paint with the Fiancé, I had a flash of inspiration.

Put it on a pedestal!  If it works for horse, it should work for the Emperor's finest right?

So, with a 51 cent 1 x 4 plank of wood 4' long, I took the handsaw to it and began figuring it out.

I came up with a Simple Plan:

Side View:  With the four foot piece of wood cut into one foot sections, I screwed them together like so.  There is a tiny gap between the back piece and the top tier to fit a background sheet between the two pieces of wood.  pretty simple, and quick.  51 Cents and a bit of thought gets you pretty far!

Now here is the good stuff.  I also flocked and painted it in my city rubble n snow theme.  i tried to add a few pieces of detail and  scattered snow, but not to overdo it as to ensure that I didn't pull attention away form the models when I photo them.  Check it out!

Here it is completed, and ready to go!

Lower Right Detail

Upper Left Detail

Upper Right Detail

Lower Left Detail
It may not be pretty but it's mine!  Not bad for a couple of hours of work eh?

Have any of you worked with photography and dealt with ways to present you finished minis?  If so, how do you go about doing it?

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