Sunday, November 21, 2010

The STC is closed for business!

Arg....Finally.  12 Space marine Rhino chassis tanks completely assembled...And on top of that, a 1k game played!  Not bad for a busy week and a half eh?

So here is the result of my labor.  Six Rhino/Razorbacks, Fully magnetized:

Six New Rhino/Razors pictured with my 2 Old 3rd Ed. Rhinos
And here they areas Razorbacks, with all the Magnetized trimmings.  I also have 3 Assault Cannon Turrets and 3 Las/Plas to try out as well.  And a spare Whirlwind turret, that probably won't see the light of day....
With those six chassis above, I will probably get the most use out of them as Razorbacks.  I probably will setup the old chassis as DC rhinos for fun.

Next up, my six Predators and my three Vindicators.  The Vindies were constructed many moons ago, so here are my Preds and Baal Preds:

And you can now see my magnetic fixings.  Each chassis has a magnetized Storm Bolter and HK Missile as well.
With all that magnetizing loving, it took quite some time to assemble them, but I feel its well worth the work.  See what I mean below:

You may also notice the package of storm bolters, HKs, and "Commanders" to be painted.  I also have 2 dozer blades magnetized to fit any chassis.  The baggie there has all the Pretty bits,to be painted separately and attached last.
Although the pile of addons is a lot of extra work, I like having all the options available.  I am still missing a way to work on and create heavy flamer turret options.  Thats another pile of work entirely...

Here are some links that I used to help me along:

Thanks for checking out the vehicular manslaughter of plastic....


  1. Thanks for the compliments? Wow is really going to be when I get them painted in about a year from now... Time for a break from shaving plastic and applying glue, back to painting my troops!


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