Saturday, November 6, 2010

Imperial Fisticuffs

I've not posted in some time (going back to school is serious business) but I wanted to show off some painting I've done in the last few months just to prove I've still been at it. This isn't my whole force but just a few things that I'm rather proud of.


Mostly happy with that guy. I'm switching him out to a lascannon which is currently primed and awaiting painting.


My very dirty-looking speeder. Tried some new techniques like dirt streaks and flames on him. His squadron mates are still on sprues but are next after my current project.

Brother-Librarian LeVar and friends:

"Take a look, bitch, it's in the book!"

Brother LeVar (and dudes) were actually painted around a year ago, and I have to admit, I think I could do better now. He may get some modification in the future at the request of MikeyD.

Rhino w/ dozer blade

One of 2 rhinos with various Forgeworld resin toys attached. I had a ton of fun crapping these up. Scratches, making the paint looked chipped, bullet holes....definitely the best part.

Well, there you go. I knew I'd have to post sooner or later just to prove I actually DO something around here. If you like these, don't be afraid to tell me so.


  1. Awesome. The bullet holes look great and the weathering too. My favorite though is the coloring of the metal mechanics on the dread. Very jealous of your skills.

  2. Sorry it took me a while to get to commenting... A phone call will be in order. The Weathering is awesome, and as I do with most of your work I will have to copy it shamelessly. I dig the burner look in the Speeder Jets, I am stealing it to extend that kind of technique onto my jumpacks and speeders too. I really dig the contrast of red in the Fists. Keep it up!


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