Wednesday, November 10, 2010

STC Progress and Mike will actually PLAY 40k!

Yes, that is a scary picture.

JINKIES Scoob, is it possible!  I may actually play a game of 40k?  Yeap, it looks like it.  Since moving back to Orlando and playing Fantasy for almost a year before that, I make a shaky return to 40K next week at Paladin Tech & Game in Orlando.  There is a new 40K night there on Tuesdays, which is perfect for me, so I will be attending weekly (hopefully) to actually put my Angels to the test.  And if fate comes my way, Sundays too for RTTs and the like.  WOOT!

Of course, in preparation for that, My STC has gone on overdrive.  The servitors are running ceaselessley, and the tech priests are on double shifts.  Here is the proof:
 Baals to the left of me, Razors tot he right...
Turrets and Guns...DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!

-6 Transports, Razorbacks/Rhinos fully magnetized with all the goodies.
-3 Baal predators, all magnetized
-3 Predators, all magnetized.
-3 Vindicators assembled and good to go. Magnetized options and Siege shield.

I was also able to do my 40 bases in record time, two to build and prime, let it dry overnight and paint them up on the following night:

The tanks will hopefully be assembled and magnetized by Friday, which will give me the weekend and Monday to assemble my 1000 and 2000 point lists for Tuesday.  I am working on three core lists as I mentioned in earlier posts, so I will be adjusting my painting plans to fulfill these needs.  As I have most foot troops painted I will move back the Dev fill models and go to my Jump Packers instead.  I wanted to do them later, but war calls, and the Angles of the Emperor will answer...

You may notice my enthusiasm, and I can only say playing games (or the promise of it) is probably the best motivator in this hobby.  I will be running on overdrive this week and weekend to try and finish my tanks and get some paint on my Jumpers at least.  I will post some mini battle reports up, but will not be focusing on keeping turn by turn details as I am pretty good on rules, but tactics and practice will need my full attention.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You mean there's a GAME that goes with these models?!? Holy crap....

  2. Yeah! Painted models on the table! Wooooo

  3. Um....yeah, About that. I will be doing an all Jumpers list, and well..those are still to be painted. I have done 60 marines, and assembled a metric *$@%Ton of models though, so I've been productive!

    And have no fear...the OnG will be coming back, and maybe some LoTR is in my future?.


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