Friday, June 11, 2010

Inspiring Motivation, or Motivationally Inspired?

So, like I mentioned in my intro post I hope to dabble in a little bit of everything modeling, gaming, and GW related.  So I want to get to a main focus of this blog.  Motivation.  Motivation for you, your buddy, your painting, your modelling, your gaming, and of course motivation for Me.  I could have just started a painting blog somewhere on a forum, but I want to expand this more to just my minis and current army.  I want to help those like me, and get myself motivated to finish it all in the process.

Before I begin waxing on my soapbox and preaching, (some of you may be thinking it's too late) let me explain what I mentioned in the first post.  I have been a major troll and I have sucked up plenty of gaming and painting knowledge, articles, blogs and forums.  But I never post.  So I finally read a few things in the Internet gaming circles, a couple of buddies have asked me for advice and complimented my own stuff, so I figured, I can't give any worse then I get right?  So here it is.

First on the agenda:  We be 'PLOGGIN.
This blog will probably start off as my personal Paint Blog and we can go from there.  I am currently working on my Angels Sanguine Army for 40K.  I have another 40k army, my Eldar, but I have them benched until I can see the end of the Seer Council/Mech Eldar swing.

The Bolters

In my adventures throughout ciberspace, I run across a few specific boards and painting blogs, one in particular which has sold me completely on my new Angels Sanguine, is the work of OMG, on The Bolter and Chainsword Forum.  His Sanguine Army has tipped me over the edge of painting my blood angels as Angels Sanguine.  And I am not looking back.  I played BA as proxy lightly before the .PDF era, and have picked them back up with a vengance.  Originally painted as as my beginner smurf power armor army when I was 14, I have decided to made it a real deal, full-on army as an opposite to my shooty "Perfidious" Eldar and stripped the smurfs to make em my BA.  Besides... with 5th I need to buy a whole lot of Wave Serpents, and that's not really in the cards right now.

Here is the Pile to be painted:  (Remember, I've been collecting power armor since I was 14...I was shocked at how much plastic and pewter I have aquired, sadly, pretty much all un-painted)

Staring at this pile makes me a sad panda....

3 Full Tactical Squads
3 Full JP Assault squads
3 Full Non-JP Assault squads
2 Dev Squads
2 Vindies
A pair of Baals
6 Razor/Rhino backs
20 Some Death Company
5 Assorted Dreadnoughts
6 Bikes
Attack bike
Sang Guard Squad
Honor Guard
Assorted Chaplins, Sang Priests, BA Characters etc etc...

And here is the Rub, I love assembling and modding, but the painting-OY.  That's the hard part.  On to part duex:

The Bashers
Warhammer Fantasy.  I only got into Warhammer Fantasy a few years ago as a dive into the Seventh edition.  Of course, as lots of people start, we did the Fantasy beginner set, Battle for Skull Pass.  In my little gaming group I ended up with greenskins as most of my friends never played Tabletop min games, or especially Fantasy, so was their first trip. Although I now have a decent sized Waaagh, with a few units painted and like I mentioned earlier, that is on the temporary back burner until 8th is out.. More on that later, and possibly on a sister blog..Who knows.

The Brushes
Like I mentioned before plenty of times, I am a huge internet whore/loser/troll.  In my travels I have made a decent collection of sites that I frequent, and certain people whom I follow, and their work Inspires and Motivates me (see, see full a donut).  Here is a quick list of relevant stuff.  Currently lots of BA/AS and power Armor related:.

The Bolter and Chainsword Forum
The Painting Corps blog
Massive Voodoo
Awesome Paint Job

Just to name a few.  I'll keep a good pile in my blogroll, (to the right) and hopefully I can help point you to other work I use for my own my inspirations and have them inspire you too.

I want to leave each painting post with other work that Inspires and Motivates me (sense a theme here?).  check it:

BA (and not Blood Angels) inspirational pics I found for Blood Angels and Angels Sanguine.  Enjoy, and be sure to use those links and check out their work and read their blogs.  I do.

"Space Marines", by Radojavor

Owl and Moon Guy's Blog

Raffaele Picca's Site


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