Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tutorial: Angels Sanguine bases. Start from the Bottom, and work your way up.

So I began to work on my Angels. I have an assembly line process in my head and have finished constructing my squads. As I want to work on improving my paint job per squad, I will start with my Tac Squads and work to my Assault squads, getting better each time. So here I begin with the bases. I used to leave them for last, and do them in a hurry. To alleviate that I will start from the bottom, base first.

As many of you may have thought at one point or another, basing is a B*&@%, or at the least boring or annoying... I have always stuck to my "add some sand, and throw some static grass and you're done" mentality. And of course, that is great for some tabletop armies.

Check out my Eldar and OnG below to see me being lazy...

But for my Angels Sanguine...I wanted to kick it up a notch.  I don't know about you guys, but for those of you with multiple armies, or those of you deep into your collections, you will start to get the itch to grow, get better, and try some of that cool stuff everyone does...hero bases, resin bases, liquid efects, scenic bases.  Some of you may not realize, but basing, at least to me,  was a gateway drug.  Next thing you know you might finish basing your army and have the itch to start casting your own stuff...madness like this makes me turn green with envy.

So to begin I took the route of overthinking.  Some of you may notice I do that alot.  It kinda went like this:

The Angels Sanguine are red and black...I want to do something that won't clash or draw too much eye focus

  • Grassy fields wont give you the grimy hardcore feel I want like Raffa has.
  • Desert, meh not so much...never liked it, Open dry plains speak to tau for me.
  • Snow, want to try it....had a dream of a DE army for fantasy once, of course with the classic snowy rock feel

What about....City rubble!  Metal!  Pipes!  Rust!...and to fill my snow curiosity, a dab of nice wet looking muddy-city snow mess.  Keep the city to a rubble thing, kinda like a wrecked city/suburby/almost hive feel.
OMG's bases, for example:
See the super awesomeness of Owl and Moon Guy's Speeder bases...

Whatever..I know what I mean...

First I looked into resin bases, Dark Art Miniature bases, Urban Bases line.
This stuff is pretty good, great quantity for the price and prety solid.  The full collection is great as I got some bases for my termies and Dreads with it.

Then one day at one of my FLGS,  I noticed they had some metal and industrial bases from a Local Vendor, War Cast Studios ...Add a little dirt, sand and flock, VIOLA.  Perfect for me!

Well variety is good, but looking at ten different patterns, repeated through my army I had to make some of my own to add to the mix.  So armed with plasticard, some sand, and a leather hole punch I went to work.

Add a Little bit of rubble and various building pieces,

Add some sand and ballast...

Primed they look just as good as the resin ones, If I may say so myself.

Next time I want to show you the bases panted (hopefully soon if I am can paint for a night in peace...) add my snow flock dashed here and there. I want to use the technique from Grey_Deth  -another FTW blogging Superhero - check em out!

I recommend you take a quick minute and think about your army, think about what you imagine your army trudging through and battling on.  Is your army on a jungle world, a rolling plain, or in the middle of a volcanic wasteland?

You would be surprised how much a base helps drive your theme home and what it means to your minis.

What, if any thought have you put to making your own bases, or kicking your bases up a notch?  Don't forget fantasy...movement trays fall into this category too.  I'll speak to those more in future OnG postings.

Here is some more basing love from the Blog group:

Check out the Basing section, there are TONS of tutorials!



  1. Those look really good. Where did you get all the rubble from? I noticed you used bits of sprue and some shale, but where is the other stuff from?

    1. The rest of the stuff, as you can see in the picture above, is plastic specialty parts from a local train store. Different brands like the Plaststruct ( make specialty I beams and ladder pieces. The corrugated metal looking plasticard is from Evergreen ( and can be found at hobby shops, train stores, etc. I go at them with hole punchers, knives, and even lighters to beat em up. I try to collect things in small pieces as I see it to keep an array of material at hand. Also, some of the GW basing kits have lots of odds and ends I've found useful (


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