Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angels Sanguine Test Squad

Tactical Squad Bathin.  Done.  That's right, I don't do test Minis. I do test SQUADS.  I am that hard core... And since I have some tactical squads that will probably not be fielded waaay to often, I decided to start with my third string tactical squad, Bathin.  This squad consists of AoBr marines, including a backpack from the Death Company sprue.

Above you can see some better closeups of the squad.  It took me roughly two weeks, give or take with about an hour and a half a night totaling about two to three hours per mini.  This is table top quality for me, and I plan to keep the rest of the army at least this quality, or better.   Still have not decided if I want to add battle damage.  Any suggestions?  For the vehicles that will be a must though.

I did my bases earlier and they can be seen in these links here and here.  I went for the urban rubble feel with some mudded snow.  This is my first time with snow, and I think it came out well.

I followed AmateurDorn's scorch marks tutorial, and I think it came out pretty well. Thoughts?
You may also notice that I used my Angels Sanguine Decals from my previous post.  Here they are giving you the cold shoulder

Lessons Learned

  • Reds.  I spent way too much time messing with my red armor.  Luckily I learned that when mixing the highlights, use a bleached bone if you don't want an orange or pink effect.  
  • Adding an armor wash was shown in the tutorial vids and most walkthoughs.  I felt it killed the highlight too much.  I will not do so from now on.
  • Testors Dull Cote kills metallics.  You can see that on the banner top mithril silver highlight..it looks like a flay grey color.  I will have to touch that up later.
  • Apply color tint to your snow BEFORE you put it on the model. I placed it after I added the bright white snow, and it kind of clumped and muddied the snow texture.  Maybe it works well?  
  • Still need to work on my purity seals and parchment...not sure where to go.  More experimenting needed.

Any critique on use of green for the eyes and purity seals?  I went back and forth alot, and settled on the complementary green.  Please post your ideas and experiences.

So with that, One squad down, wayyy too many to go (2 tacs, 3 ground assault, 3 JP assault, 2 devs,  1HG, an 18 man DC, Sang Guard, All the Characters, Libbys, Chappies, 2 Termie Squads, 5 dreads, and all the vehicles)...  Please comment with your advice, critique and commentary.  Thanks for looking!



  1. Beautifully done! The halved colors are really sharp and completely make the model. I like the green eyes and purity seals, the contrast is needed. I suppose you could also try gold for the seals, but I would think that only high ranking officers would be that decorative. I would really like to see a Rhino with this color scheme. Keep going, you're doing great!

  2. I have a AS army of my own, but I used polished gold vallejo airbursh because their gold seems very bright


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