Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ARG!! Listbuilding!

As some of you may have noticed, my posts have all been kind of skirting the issue of ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME.  I blame my family and work schedule AHEM...  I am still stuck in the make/paint/convert mindset, and the more I look at blogs and lists the more scratch my head.

As I noted, I am lucky to have a bevy of models at my disposal but I just don't know where to go with it...  I am very happy to have a army that I feel sticks with my gameplay style.  The Angels are manaueverable, fast, and can be very synergistic.  One of my major gameply favs, hence my Eldar army, and my planned Fantasy DE or WE armies (damn elfy types).  I always like the Glass cannon approach (hence Mr. McStabbyStab from WoW as well...) and am kinda reluctant to jump full into Mech, but it feels like a necessary evil.

So in list building, can you can see my dilemma?  I want to build fun lists for me, and I want them to be competitive, but the Blood Angels (Angels Sanguine) have so many damn choices.  WHAT TO DO!?!

As I mentioned ad nauseum I frequent too many blogs, and you'll notice that pretty much all of those list ideas below come from more qualified bloggers such as Kirby and Stalek  (blatent ripoff/thank you/linky-ness).  I want to try some well made net lists just to learn the list feels as pretty much all of my (very few) 4th edition games were with Eldar.  The way I see it, when learnign something like 40K, start with tools that work well in skilled hands, then get your own skill to wield it.  Hopefully I can then tweak them here and there to fit my style in time.

Here are the lists I like in some sembelance of descending priority (in the 2k range):

Full Razorback AssCan Mech

  • 2x Librarian Nekked
  • 2x 5man ASM-Meltas
  • 4x 5man ASM-Meltas in an AssCan Razorback
  • 3x Baal
  • 3x Riflemen

All Jumpers with Dev Support

  • 2x Jumpy Librarian
  • 2x Priests
  • 1x HG
  • 3x 10Man ASM 
  • 3x Devastators with 4xML

Something useful with DC?!?
Stalek's Grim Toll?

Hybrid Mix-alot

  • 1x Libby Nekked
  • 2x Priest
  • 1x Termie Priest
  • 1x 10Man Terminator Squad with 2CML
  • 1x 10Man ASM
  • 2x 5Man ASM
  • 2x Baal
  • 2x Devastators with 4xML

All Jumpers army with Vanguard Vets

  • 2x Jumpy Librarian
  • 2x Priests
  • 2x HG
  • 3x 10Man ASM 
  • VV x2

Kirby's Fast n Slow

  • 2x Librarian on Bike
  • 1x HG - Meltas
  • 2x Priests on Bike
  • 3x ASM
  • 2x 8Man Bikes with Meltas
  • 2x Attack bike with MM

Some kind of Bloodwing Rock List?

Stormraven Balanced lists? (Yes I am waiting on a GW kit...I refuse to convert IG flyers with rhinos strapped to the bottom of them) Storm Raven with Furioso Dread and DC?

And of course, something that would incorpoate my vidicators?  There is something about getting up there with that gun intact makes me giggle.

Any Blood Angels players out there with advice?  Where to begin, get a good hold of the army mechanics,  start out and not lose my sanity?  Is it Possible?

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  1. I really enjoy Kirby, Danny Internets, and Fritz strategy and list-building ideas. All three of these guys write well articulated articles that a novice (such as myself) can easily understand.


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