Monday, September 20, 2010

Work Work...

I have continued with full steam on my Army, and I have successfully completed my first painted Assault Squad, Forcas, and am beginning my second, Bune.  Not much time for love Dr. Jones, so here are the pics and update.

Here are the completed pics of the first assault squad painted, Squad 3:  Forcas.  I did the yellow half helm in line with BA successor chapter helmet colors and the AS half black

All assault squads will have two Meltas out of the ten.  And as always, the magnetized sarge.  

And here are a few shots in Parade formation in the cabinet:

Starting to look like an army eh?  On a side note,  I have also gotten a few more Hammernators made up (total of 10) and decided to use their Storm Shields for my magnetized power armor dudes (Honor Guard and Sternguard), so I will be scratch building new ones for the Termies.  Stay Tuned.


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